20x25 cm // 2013

Some creatures belong to the endless depths,

Wandering around in the dreadful clefts.

No human being ever reached this deep,

Where only plankton and jellyfish can creep.

Still, it has been told, Last week,

when the wind was rather cold,

That some weird, flabby unknown beast,

Was swimming around a bark, somewhere in the east.

«The spineless squid!» shouted an indian amazon,

Pointing at the unsual floppy red form

All the natives onboard got terribly excited,

About catching the mythical animal they’d sighted.

Once the monster was taken out,

(After a terrible battle, with no doubt...)

They tied up the enormous squid,

Which was, somehow, still pretty vivid.

Even thus the beast was very heavy,

They managed to carry it quite easily.

The outlandish procession was going nuts

Marching merrily towards the chief’s huts.

But all those tentacles were embarrassing!

So huge and incumbrous, they couldn’t fit in.

Finally, one clever solution was found:

«Let’s cut into slices the big soft one!»

As they were opening the awkward animal,

They discovered the most golden flesh of all!

All the organs were of course very sticky,

slimy and slopy...But somehow almost silky.

«What can we do with all these slices?»

Asked one indian, looking for advices.

«This meat is too beautiful to be devoured,

Let’s invent a ritual!» responded the empowered.

Immediately, the shaman alloted the Kraken.

Quickly, every single part was taken.

Very handsome were all those costumes,

Which were releassing exquisite perfumes.

Amazing and ludicrous dances started,

And even a public holiday was granted!

How wonderful was this glorious fishing day,

During which everyone was singing «hurray!»